Project Management as a Service

EPM comes with a robust track record. Over the years, as experienced
project management practitioners, we've trained hundreds of project
managers and served many organizations, helping them raise their
corporate performance and achieve project success.

Now Available to SMEs

As a SME owner, if you have been in situations where you are faced with
projects but do not want to hire a full-time project manager or are
unsure about being able to contract a suitable project manager, then our
project management as a service may be a good solution for you.

Using the same experience, expertise, business insights and strong
partnerships that has made us the region's leader in project
management training and consulting, we are now extending our services
to help SME owners who are faced with unique challenges.


As a service, EPM takes ownership
for the project manager

Placement is on project basis.
No need for project managers to
be put on payroll

Trained and experienced project managers
to manage your projects

Dedicated EPM project manager will be
supported by a team if needed