Project Assurance

Many organisations live and die by projects. Having experienced practitioner consultants to support your project management can mean the difference between a successful project outcome and one bogged down by unforeseen obstacles and resource constraints. Experienced consultants are able to convert standard project data into a predictive project analysis tool to see possible pitfalls and potential over-runs on time and budget.

This means projects
on time and on budget

A Proactive Partnership

With consultants who are prepared to roll-up their sleeves, project-related issues like project definition, planning and estimation are addressed upfront, mitigating the risks of poor-on-time performance and dysfunctional team dynamics from unclear requirements, inaccurate estimates, poor communications and misdirection.

This means clarity to the people,
work and processes that drive an organisation

Improved Bottomline

Our goal as a strategic business partner is to turn companies, regardless of size, into high performance organisations. EPM does this by providing an understanding of best-in-class project management practices combined with proven methodologies, project management training and advanced tools that are not readily available in most companies to drive productivity and increase profitability.

This means streamlined processes
with industry-leading practices.

Long-lasting Benefits to Your Company

While delivering near-term solutions for your projects, EPM consultants build on your long-term success by mentoring your project team through the process of adopting a more structured approach to project management. This means capability transfer for repeatable success.

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