We can help you set up a PMO
or optimise your existing PMO

An internal PMO will help you to standardise processes, drive up project success
rates and stay ahead of competition. As a recognised industry leader with over 15
years of project management training and experience, we can assist you in setting up
a PMO, whether your organization is just exploring its benefits or to help take
an existing PMO to the next level of performance.

An internal PMO
optimises business value

Companies that report higher project management
maturity levels outperform low maturity
organizations by the following percentage points:

[chart_skill percent=”28″ text=”ON-TIME PROJECT DELIVERY” color=”#81d742″]
[chart_skill percent=”24″ text=”ON-TIME BUDGET DELIVERY” color=”#1e73be”]
[chart_skill percent=”20″ text=”MEETING ORIGINAL GOALS” color=”#dd9933″]


It's about teamwork. In football analogy,
the PMO is like the sweeper.

"You wouldn't expect your favorite sports team to be a success on the playing field if there was no serious coordination between the offense and defense. There needs to be a common understanding of the strategy as well as the changes that need to happen if the opposition forces a change of tactics. Communication between the players needs to concise and precise.

The PMO drives this coordination activity. It is able to provide clarity of vision, create links between the project teams, establish common standards in methods and reporting, create a shared knowledge base and foster a collaborative environment. In doing so it will also create a more dynamic and responsive team that can apply knowledge from previous projects effectively or develop innovative solutions that result in more effective project delivery." *

*Henry Bennett

If you don't move forward,
you'll move backwards

A PMO keeps you ahead of the curve

A project is a means to an end. Ultimately, every project generates deliverables that the company uses to derive business value. When those deliverables arrive late or are incomplete, the business loses opportunities – whether to earn revenues, acquire customers or perhaps fix a problem.

PMOs are strategic resources

It helps you to cut through the complexity of business issues and bring you to clarity about the things that matter most. We will help you set up a PMO to optimise the performance of your team, processes and tools to boost productivity and enhance your bottomline.

If you're a SME wondering how you can manage
your projects more effectively, you're not alone

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