Because we want to help you deliver successful projects

The future of companies will depend on their ability to deliver projects. A project is a means to an end. Ultimately, every project generates deliverables that the company uses to derive business value.

Our EPM Methodology provides the path to effectively managing project deliverables, regardless of size or industry. Based on EPM’s approach, It is designed to be scalable, cost-effective, simple to understand, and easy to put into immediate use by project teams.

Built on core PMI processes and best practices by its owner-trainer practitioners who have over 15 years of hands-on experience in project management, our EPM Methodology is flexible enough to be adapted to your industry, your project and your business scenario.

We are committed to optimising the way your organization performs so that you get the job done with better results.

Arc Trajectory is a methodology development tool. It provides the framework to define and develop project management methodology incorporating a set of processes, tools and templates and project governance for projects applicable for any organisation

At EPM, we provide complete solutions. You’ll have the tools, reports and facilitating techniques to support team participation, individual commitment and personal accountability.

We work in partnership with industry leaders to drive up your business and projects success rates.
At EPM, we believe in bringing complete project management solutions to our clients.

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With EPM, you're in good company

There are all kinds of problems that can sink an entire project

See how EPM can help you overcome project challenges.

Unclear requirements. Inaccurate estimates. Schedule delays. Changing priorities. Uncontrolled spending. Resourcing challenges. Poor communications. Lack of governance and decision making structure. Any one of these is enough to sink your entire project. But when you add ePM project management consulting experts to your team, you’ve got experienced professionals onboard who can help keep your project on course.

We’ll help you implement the methodology to put in place processes, tools and templates to standardise the approach, streamline processes and transfer capabilities. And when we leave, you are left with the processes and tools that become your organisational assets.

The bottom line:
With EPM as your partner, you are creating a foundation that can turn project management into a competitive advantage to deliver successful projects and optimise business value.

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