Crisis Management System - Best Practices

Duration: 2 Days (9.00am - 5.00pm) | Code: JC-201

Course Objective

No one wants a crisis to happen to them. But it can happen, and given time, it will come.

A crisis situation is an enemy soldier that has infiltrated into your space and is bent on causing maximum destruction. A crisis invariably starts with something small but then escalates into an emergency, and into a crisis before resulting in a disaster. Recent crises situation were: SMRT train breakdowns (2011), Little India (2012), MH 370 (2014), etc.

No one is born with crisis management skills. Most top managers do not have them as well. But those who had experienced a crisis event will attest to it as a foreboding experience when life is thrown into total disarray.

Without a crisis management capability, the organisation will find itself in quite a chaos, with people responding differently, some constructively but others destructively. Usual management leadership may not stand the strain and pressure of a major crisis.

The course provides participants with understanding on crisis situations: how one can happen, what then ensues and the resulting impact on people and organisation. Real-case studies and a simulation role-play exercise will highlight the required pre-requisites in both system and human capability manage crisis handling and crisis communications effectively.

CEO/MD, senior managers, BCM and crisis management personnel will benefit from this course.

Program Outline

1. Understanding Crises

  • How crisis starts, escalates into a full blown disaster
  • Damage trajectory and the 6 patterns of crisis situations
  • Human psyche during a crisis event

2. Case studies of Crises Events

  • Reviews of good and poor business resilience (real cases)
  • Overview of Global and Organisational Threats

3. Crisis Management System 4A

  • Crisis Management System - requirements
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Crisis Management Framework
  • Crisis Communications

4. Crisis Simulation (Role Play)

  • Choice (a) Pandemic Outbreak in Singapore
    A terrible disease outbreak that brings Singapore to its knees. This is modelled on a deadly pathogenic strain of virus that occurred in 1990's and is still active today.
  • Choice (b) Hotel Fire
  • A massive fire-out outbreak that brings up twists and turns that the hotel management needs to address. This is modelled on the MGM Grand fire in 1980 that killed 85 people.

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