Business Resilience Management—
Requirements & Solutions

Duration: 1 Day (9.00am - 5.00pm) | Code: JB-101

Course Objective

Will your Organisation still be around in 3 year's time?

All organisations face risks of various kinds. Unless its managers effectively manage business risks, an organisation faces with uncertain future which could devastate its organisational goals altogether.

Organisations that are adept in risk management and in building robust operations rise to be industry champions while those not become weaker players or even slide into demise. Hence, managing a business mean managing its business risks.

This course prepares the participant with a good starting platform to enhance the organisation's operational resilience. It provides understanding on organisational risks be it in business model DNA, or operational and strategic risks. The costs of unmanaged risks can sometimes wrought havoc on organisational goals, human safety, reputations hurting the organisation or leaving it in a chronic state of lacklustre performance. Participants are given insights into various aspects of business resilience solutions to lift away the ominous cloud of risks from their future.

CEO/MD, board members, senior management staff will benefit from this course.

Program Outline

1. Total Business Resilience Management ("TBRM")

  • Business Model DNA: longevity of operations
  • Risk Universe: levels of risk, operational & strategic, internal & external
  • Real cost of risks to the organisation, immediate and recurring
  • Four Pillars of business resilience

2. Case studies of business resilience management

  • Reviews of good and poor business resilience (real cases)

3. Balancing Corporate Performance with Risk Management

  • Corporate Culture impact on business resilience: good, bad and ugly
  • Result versus Safety Issues
  • Business Planning Framework
  • Organisational Strength
  • Human Competency is almost everything

4. Building for Robust Organisations

  • Business Resilience Model
  • Segments of Resilience
  • Implementing Resilience Framework
  • Insurance: role in financing risks

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