AC helps you understand Business Technology Strategy (BTS) and IASA IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK)

Duration: 4 Days | Certification: Certification Information Technology Architect- Foundation Level (CITA-F) | Code: AC



Find out how to apply skills from the five foundational pillars of ITABoK as well as distinguish key architecture concepts, scope, principles, contexts and roles. Adopt industry frameworks and components alongside basic IT Architect skills and define values as well as create IT’s business capabilities. Find out what it takes to set up an IT Architecture Office (ITAO) and how to run its day-to-day tasks as an IT Architect. Finally, learn how to select and prioritise IT projects, assign resources for them, work hand in hand with the Project Management office and present technology values to stakeholders. 


Provides deeper understanding on how to apply the ITABoK skill sets in delivering technology strategy values for the business through tangible IT Architecture Return on Investment (ITA-Rol) modeling technique.

Provides deeper understanding on how to apply the 5 core IT architecture skills from an IT Architecture perspective.

Provides practical guidelines in selecting and priortising IT Architecture projects based on business cases.

Provides practical guidelines in creative and reviewing business cases based on tangible and intangible values.

Provides practical guidelines in assigning IT Architects into projects based on IT project priortisation techniques.

Provides practical guidelines in creating IT Architecture Blueprint for both Generic and Specific IT Architecture based on the Views and Viewpoints that address stakeholder’s cconcerns.

Provides practical guidelines in managing IT Architecture deliverables through stakeholder’s communication techniques.

Provides practical guidelines in managing IT Architecture life cycle processes.


  • Anyone who is interested to gain practical knowledge, experience and skills indelivering technology values for the business, in setting up the IT Architecture Office and those who want to improve and sharpen their IT Architecture skill sets.
    • All Technology Stakeholders
    • Transformation Office team members
    • Project Management Office (PMO) team members
    • Software/Business/Information/Infrastructure Architects
    • IT/Project Managers
    • Business Analysts/System Analysts/Consultants
    • Software Engineers/Programmers
    • Database Administrators/Database Designers
    • System Engineers/Network Engineers

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