Explores the reasons why integrating IT and business is critical in today's enterprise context.

Duration: 3 Days | Code: BITAF

Certificate of Fundamental Understanding in Alligning IT with Business

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Business IT Architecture Fundamentals (BITAF), an Iasa foundation-level course, is one of most popular, heavily-subscribed courses. The materials covered are based on Iasa’s IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) The ITABok is a public archive of IT Architecture best practices, skills and knowledge developed from the experience of individual and corporate members of Iasa, the world’s largest association of IT Architecture professionals.

Gain an understanding of how IT can minimise business costs and maximise profits. Learn how to engage stakeholders by defining and communicating the right business requirements effectively. Also, gain an insight on various aspects of IT Architecture landscape, processes, operations and challenges.



  • Provides tangible IT Architecture Return on Investment (ITA-RoI) modeling allowing stakeholders to identify, justify and convey positive technology values to the business.

  • Provides appreciation on how IT can help to maximise profits and boost productivity, delivery strategic advantages as well as translate significant values to both business operations and stakeholders.

  • Provide an understanding of the IT Architecture management structure and how it can be transformed into value centric initiative.

  • Provide a concise skill set on Business IT Architecture best practices that can be realistically and effectively adopted into current business practices.

  • Matches business needs and wants accurately by employing the Business Requirement Architecture, a proven technique that can be easily understood and adopted by both business and IT.

  • Provide guidance for producing accurate Business Requirement artifacts that will serve as a common communication platform for IT initiative targeting multiple stakeholders from both business and IT teams involved in defining the IT project.


Anyone who is involved as stakeholders for IT projects or initiatives that include both IT and Business teams:

  • All Technology Project Stakeholders (IT and Business teams)
  • Transformation Office team members
  • IT & Business Consultants/Tender Preparation teams, i.e. Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Request for Information(RFI)
  • Project Management Office (PMO) team members
  • Software/Business/Information/Infrastructure Architects
  • Business Analysts/System Analysts/Consultants

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