It's about lifting your architecture from a documentation process to a true business capaility.

Duration: 4 Days | Certification: Certified Information Technology Architect-Associate level by IASA | Code: BTS



Although architects are asked to create value for their employers, very few have ever been formally taught how to make that happen. They end up learning primarily through trial and error, creating risk for themselves and the employer.

Architects need to have the skills and knowledge to demonstrate both the value of architecture and technology the moment they begin work and continuously throughout the lifestyle of the program.

This course is designed to give you and your team all of tools you need to lift architecture from a documentation process to a true business capability. by the end of this module, participants will have the knowledge and the ability to:

♦ Align knowledge and communication across primary business units

♦ Establish business models and views that cultivate technological value

♦ Automate and integrate key business processes

♦ Meet and exceed business targets using technology strategy


To analyse Business Structures and Segments.

To identify Key business Drivers for Executive Sponsors.

To identify internal and external business drivers.

To map the Technology Strategy to the Business and value an Architecture.

To create P&L Statements for a Project and Investment Priortisation.

To create the taxonomy of frameworks and methodologies used in an organisation’s maturity level.

To drive Effective Knowledge Management and apply the Best Practices in Making Decisions.

To create a Stakeholder Communication Strategy, Map and Manage an Engagement Model.


  • Anyone who is interested to delivering strategic technology values for the business and want to deeper understanding on the values of business and technology relationship.
  • All IT Architects, IT Consultants/Planner
    • Software, Infrastructure, Business and Information.
  • Middle Management to Senior Management
    • CTO, Directors and Vice Presidents.

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