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Duration: 2 Days | 16 Hours | Code: CCCM

Increased personal awareness with knowledge, skills, strategies and tips to connect and communicate with people, and managing conflict



Differing working styles and ineffective communication strategies can lead to unnecessary conflict, reduce efficiency, communication breakdown, ineffective teamwork and possibility of damaging relationships, and leading to poor results in projects and in business.

This workshop helps participant to increase self-awareness on self and others natural strengths, preferred communication style and conflict approach, and potential pitfalls in how they relate to others.

This highly interactive and activity-based workshop equips participant with strategies, tips, tools and techniques to develop effective communication strategies, lead and manage conflict to get you the results while leaving the relationship stronger and restoring the self-worth of everyone involved.

Participants will receive their own personalized Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI); a powerful tool enhancing the ability to communicate more effectively, handle conflict more productively leading to more productive relationships.

Program Outline


  • Course structure and objectives  Common sources of conflict
  • Common symptoms in conflict
  • Levels and types of conflicts


  • Identify self and others natural strengths and preferred communication styles
  • Identify self and others preferred approach in managing conflict

Managing Conflict to create Win-win Outcomes

  • Structured approach to lead and manage conflict
  • How to anticipate and prevent conflict
  • How to recognize first signs of conflict in self
    and others
  • How to manage and resolve conflict

Strategies, Tips and Techniques

  • Tips for effective communication
  • Determine communication strategies adapting to individual needs
  • Tips for utilizing your natural strengths when relating and dealing with others
  • Determine an appropriate approach to manage conflict
  • Types of conflict resolution styles

Who Should Participate

This course is perfect for project managers, team leaders, business analysts, program managers, managers, supervisors, sales, marketing, procurement officers and anyone who need to enhance conflict management and communication skills to develop effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this interactive workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify your natural strengths, preferred communication styles and conflict approach

  • Learn how to utilize your strengths when relating and dealing with others

  • Apply the insights to flex your behavior and adapt your communication to manage differences, build rapport and minimize understandings

  • Explain key communication strategies used in conflict management

  • Apply techniques, strategies and insights to anticipate and prevent conflicts, recognize the first signs of conflict in self and others, manage and resolve conflict

  • Explain the different conflict resolution styles and their appropriate application


This course qualifies for 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) under Project Management Institute (PMI) Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program Category A.

Train with EPM and you’re in good company

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Our trainers have many years of project management, leadership and training experience. All have used the processes, tools, techniques and good practices outlined in the Project Management Institute PMBOK® Guide and are able to relate this knowledge to the running of successful projects in industry.


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Our group exercises and exam practice questions have been developed over many years following Instructional Design techniques. All materials are regularly updated based on participant feedback and current industry good practices.


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Our workshops are conducted in a group environment where participants are encouraged to participate in individual and team activities to promote learning, build team morale and reinforce understanding of concepts.



Funding support for training courses. Terms and conditions apply.

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Training Assistance Scheme: SBL & SBL Khas Scheme


The SBL & SBL Khas programme provided by HDRF, Malaysia supports the course and exam fees, capped at RM1,300 per day for Company-sponsored trainees from HRDF Registered Employers. Prior approvals must be obtained from HRDF.

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