Negotiating among Stakeholders with Differing Objectives and Desires.

Duration: 2 Days | 16 Contact Hours | Code: NEGO


Negotiation is a critical business skill. In today’s business environment, the importance of successful negotiation cannot be overstated.  Negotiation is the art of choosing the right strategy for each situation.  Effective negotiation skill will help you to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties, and leave everyone feeling that they have won.

This informative, highly interactive and activity-based workshop with hands-on exercise, equips participant with a structured approach, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to analyze & prepare for negotiation. The workshop helps participant develops a more effective negotiation style. 

This workshop is for anyone who needs to negotiate with internal and external stakeholders including management, inter-departments, peers, users, customers and vendors.


  • Course structure and objectives
  • Common pitfalls and approaches in negotiation
  • Define the context for negotiation
  • Negotiation process
  • Awareness of self and others
  • Determine negotiation objectives and outcomes
  • Preparation Guidelines
  • Define roles in negotiation
  • Structured and practical approach and for negotiation process
  • Identify self and stakeholder(s) needs
  • Create options for mutual gains
  • Use objective criteria for a fair deal
  • Focus on the problem for a positive outcome
  • Identify self and stakeholder(s) BATNA
  • Understanding of self and stakeholder(s) underlying motivations and negotiation styles
  • Use people strategies in the negotiation process
  • Tips for managing and sharing of information
  • Tips for effective negotiation meetings
  • Close, document and sustain negotiation

Who Should Participate

This course is perfect for engineers, sales and marketing executive, business analyst, project manager, scrum master, procurement officers and professionals from all background and industries who wish to improve their ability to negotiate and negotiate from diverse industries

Learning Objectives

At the end of this action-based workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the negotiation objectives, outcome and context
  • Apply a structured approach with practical knowledge, skills, techniques and tips to conduct internal, external, one-on-one and team negotiation
  • Apply appropriate techniques and interpersonal skills
  • Identify the roles for negotiation
  • Determine information for records and documentation purposes


This course qualifies for 1 Professional Development Units (PDU) under Project Management Institute (PMI) Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program Category A.

Training Grant

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